So you want to join LimeRealm? Awesome! First we need to get some rules out of the way.  I know they’re a bit boring and mostly common sense, but it’s important that we have them to make sure everyone has a good time here.  Make sure you read them thoroughly, you will not be accepted to the server if you don’t (yes, we will know.)  Let’s make this quick!


  • Always be respectful of each other.  Everyone here is expected to behave like adults and any disagreements are expected to be handled as such.
  • No griefing or theft of other players property.
  • No attempting to cheat/hack or use gameplay altering mods.  Mods like Optifine or shaders are obviously allowed.
  • Don’t go randomly killing people.  PvP is enabled for the sake of friendly competition, not to aggravate players who do not want to fight.
  • Try to avoid building too close to another person without their permission, the world is nearly infinite and there is no need to invade each others space here.  Anywhere considered a “community” area (e.g. spawn) is obviously exempt from this, but still try to be careful not to take over another players area.
  • When filling out the whitelist application, answer the “Have you read the rules?” question with the word “Jellyfish”.
  • Do not ask for admin/mod powers.  Everybody here is going to be a regular player, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Be awesome.


And that’s it!  If you’re sure you read over those few things properly then head on over to the Whitelist Application page and apply.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you!